Mountain State Monday: Ice Cream Carnival

The next time you find yourself in the northern panhandle and want to see something out of the ordinary, take a trip to Moundsville and visit Johnny Shar’s Ice Cream Parlor and Circus Carnival Museum. 


Located across the street from the monstrous West Virginia Penitentiary, Johnny Shar’s is the perfect stop for delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes, and hot dogs.  But perhaps the true feature of this shop is its authentic carnival and amusement park memorabilia which dominate the decor, both inside and out.  Downstairs, visitors can have a seat in former roller coaster cars, snap a picture with Ronald McDonald, or simply get lost in time while taking a trip through the retro decor.  There is also an upstairs museum that is jam packed with rides and attractions from amusement parks, some even from nearby parks like Kennywood just outside of Pittsburgh.  Admission to the museum is only $3 and is well worth it.  However, I will warn you — if you’re scared of clowns, you may want to think twice because as in true carnival fashion, clowns are everywhere at Johnny Shar’s.





Johnny Shar’s Ice Cream Parlor and Circus Carnival Museum is open April thru October.  Hours are 12:00p – 9:30p on Tuesday – Saturday and 2:00p – 9:30p on Sunday.  The shop is closed on Monday.  For more information, visit their website via the Marshall County Tourism site.

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Mountain State Monday: Diamond Point Overlook

West Virginia’s mountainous terrain makes it the perfect place for hikers, both advanced and novice.  I find myself on the novice end of the spectrum but still enjoy a moderate-to-hard hike, especially when the view is breathtaking.  I have a lot of harder trails on my to-do list but one of my favorites is the moderately easy 1-mile (approximately) hike to the “Grand Canyon of the East”… also known as Diamond Point Overlook.

Located in the Fayetteville area of the New River Gorge, Diamond Point Overlook is accessible by the Endless Wall Trail, a mostly level trek from Lansing Edmond-Road to a spectacular view of the cliffs that line the gorge.  The cliffs can be seen from various vantage points in the area but the best is to get up close and personal — literally standing on the edge of a cliff.  The area is a favorite of rock climbers but it’s also a nice stroll for any adventurers, including families or those who like to take their dogs on mountain walks.  Bonus?  If you’re a geocacher, check out this great Earth Cache (GC2J57E) while you’re hiking along the Endless Wall Trail.


Jon overlooking the cliffs.  Use caution when approaching the cliffs.

Jon overlooking the cliffs. Use caution when approaching the edges.

For a map of the Endless Wall Trail and for parking information, visit the following website:

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