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sara about me

I’m Sara, the self-proclaimed West Virginia Travel Queen!  I’m an aspiring blogger, vacation planner, and love traveling the Mountain State.  Need advice on a local eatery?  When is the best time to see the fall leaves at their peak?  What on earth is the Palace of Gold and why should I visit?  Ask and I’ll tell.

Through this blog, I will share with you my personal experiences and trips around West Virginia and I encourage you to share yours as well.  I want to inspire and indulge my readers in everything the Mountain State has to offer from well-known resorts to mom and pop shops along a country road.  One day, I hope to be the destination for planning West Virginia vacations but until then, I guess I’ll just have to share my own with you 🙂

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Are you a geocacher?  I am too!  My username is iheartmarshall.

One thought on “About Sara

  1. What a great blog! Although I live in NC my foster sister was from WV so I have been to your state many times. I am looking forward to seeing all the great parks and places your state host. I am close enough to WV that I can definitely plan some state park visits and get some hiking in.

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