A Proposal Fit for a Queen

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the life changes that has happened to me since we last spoke was that I got married (squee!).  I married my other half, Jon, who seriously completes me in every way.  I’ll save you the mushy parts, but just know that Jon = amazing.  And he puts up with my spastic tendences, so I have to love him.

I’m a planner by nature and before Jon and I were even engaged, I had our entire wedding planned.  Actually, I had multiple weddings planned and all we had to do was choose a scenario that fit best and roll with it.  Of these scenarios were West Virginia autumn favorites such as high atop Spruce Knob, a family gathering at Twin Falls State Park, and an afternoon spent at Summersville Lake.  Our actual wedding was no where near these scenarios, however, as we were married on May 8, 2013 in St. Augustine, Florida.  What a leap from a gorgeous fall West Virginia wedding, right?

We did manage to incorproate a bit of West Virginia into our wedding though, as I purchased a Fiestaware Lemongrass cake knife and server from Homer Laughlin China Company and took it with us to Florida.  The best part though, was not just our wedding.  No, it was the PROPOSAL.  A proposal fit for a West Virginia Travel Queen!

See, I have a slight obsession with the New River Gorge Bridge and am always in awe of its massive beauty.  Up until December 8, 2012, I had seen the bridge from nearly every angle possible less from the air and on the catwalk.  So, Jon fixed that.  And he made sure I wouldn’t forget it.

We had plans to do the catwalk tour in December and since December is not naturally Bridge Walk season, we were the only two people on the tour.  I knew our guide, Doug, from my previous job as he is also a glass artist with a studio at Tamarack in Beckley.  We were blessed to have Doug as our guide, as he was great and almost made me forget that I was 800 feet in the air with nothing but a piece of metal between me and the gorge below.  He was especially great because he knew Jon was going to propose on the tour so once we were in the middle of the bridge, he left us alone while Jon asked me to marry him. Obviously I accepted (I mean, how could I not?  Dude just proposed to me under my favorite bridge in the world) and once again, Jon = Amazing!

Although we may not have had a spectacular West Virginia wedding (although it was spectacular), we did have a spectacular West Virginia proposal that yes, was fit for a Queen.

Jon and I before heading under the bridge

The catwalk under the bridge – amazing view!

Jon and I – I was terrified.

Right after he proposed! 🙂

The beautiful NRG Bridge from Fayette Station