Look who got a face lift!

West Virginia Travel Queen got a face lift!

If you’ve previously visited my blog, you’ll notice that it looks drastically different.  I was growing tired of my former (plain) theme and decided to switch to fancy premade one, this time with a different structure — and a pretty camera header!  I would love to create my own theme that embodies my vision for WVTQ, but I am not that great at code and it’s probably better if I stop while I’m ahead.  Perhaps in a few months if WVTQ continues to grow as I hope it will, I will invest in a designer and do a complete overhaul on the blog.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!  Until that time though, I hope you enjoy the new camera theme!

I also want to warn you that over the next few weeks, my posts may be sporadic.  In addition to being an aspiring blogger, I’m also a full-time employee, grad student, and am involved with a handful of organizations that take up most of my time.  I really do love blogging and sharing with you what I love about West Virginia but I don’t always have time for it each week.  So, please bear with me as finals and work events are approaching — I promise I will blog, but it may not be on a consistent schedule.  To keep up with daily activities, follow my Twitter and Facebook pages, as I post on those daily.  🙂

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