Walk This Way

I hope everyone has had a wonderful last Saturday in September!  There are so many festivals this weekend that I hope your biggest decision today was deciding which one to attend.  I would’ve loved to head north to Kingwood for the Preston County Buckwheat Festival but alas, I was stuck inside painting my office.  I did manage to soak in some sunshine at my local park though and guess what?  I completed a 5K!

Okay, okay.  So saying that I completed a 5K may be a little misleading — there was indeed an organized 5K event in Charleston this morning (hello ColorVibe!) and while it looked amazing, yours truly instead walked 3.1 miles at a family park.  And it took me 45 minutes to do so.  ….wow.  But, I do love to walk and hike and maybe one day I will register for and complete an organized race.  There’s the HallowEast Run Like Hell Zombie 5K Run coming to Charleston on October 26th so who knows — maybe I’ll sign up and get chased by zombies?

In the meantime, I will continue walking at my park and I want to know where YOUR favorite places are to walk in West Virginia.  Do you have a favorite hiking trail or path along a river?  Do you walk at your high school football track or does your town have a designated trail?  Let me know!


Danner Meadow Park in Charleston

Until next time,
Sara (WV Travel Queen)

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